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Who we are

Connecticut Alliance for Music, Inc. (CAM) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Westport, Connecticut. Its Board of Directors brings business management and non-profit leadership experience; all have a love for fine music and a passion to provide opportunities for young, talented musicians.

For over 40 years, the organization has been dedicated to foster and promote interest in the composition, performance, enjoyment, and appreciation of music in all its forms.

What we do

CAM believes that music is a vital and important aspect of the human culture. We are here to champion exceptional musicians and the live performance of fine music and create an environment in which classical musicians can flourish. Audiences can find creative inspiration, enjoyment and enrichment through its programs, which include competitions and concerts, performance opportunities for talented musicians and music outreach.

The classic European art music idiom has long relied on the institution of music competitions to provide a venue to identify and award the best young musicians and help establish their careers. Under the sponsorship of CAM, the Heida Hermanns International Music Competition has been held annually for more than 40 years and is dedicated to presenting aspiring young performers of classical music, competing in either vocal or instrumental categories. The Competition awards prizes to the most outstanding competitors chosen by a distinguished jury of recognized professional musicians. It is expected that, in addition to prizes awarded, the winners’ careers should profit from their successful participation in the Competition.

CAM collaborates with organizations devoted to giving musically-talented students the opportunity to learn and perform the major repertory, as well as giving inner-city students up-front and up-close exposure to the performance of fine music.

How to reach us

Telephone: (203) 615.3020
Email: CAM@CAMusic.org


CAM over the years

Photo of Frederic, Sue and Peter
Duos and Dances Benefit Event 1995
Trio Esprit 2008
TEC 2005
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Trio Clavino 2011
Max TEC'12
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Gayle Martin Photo - Honorary Advisor
Eve Dillingham at 1995 Benefit-2
2006 House Party
Peter Oundjian Photo - Honorary Advisor
Garden Party 2014 - Martha
David Allen Wehr Photo - Honorary Advisor-1
Ardelia Trio
Sandra Murphy at 1995 Benefit