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House Concert

Heida Hermanns International Music Competition

Watch the 2016 Voice Competition Finalists’ performances on YouTube!

Founded in 1972, the Heida Hermanns International Music Competition is held in Connecticut and showcases exceptional musicians from around the world. Competitions are held on a rotating basis in piano, voice and strings. Winners take home cash prizes, are given performance opportunities and achieve professional recognition.

Held in preliminary, semi-final and final stages, the Competition awards prizes to the most outstanding competitors chosen by a distinguished jury of recognized professional musicians. Connecticut Alliance for Music, Inc. (CAM) has promoted and presented the Heida Hermanns International Music Competition, among its other events, for more than 40 years, which has become the springboard for the careers of scores of extraordinarily talented musicians.

House Concerts

Following a European tradition, CAM presents House Concerts and Recitals each year attended by CAM’s members and others interested in experiencing fine music presented in small, intimate settings. Winners of the Heida Hermanns International Music Competition are usually featured, as well as distinguished chamber ensembles and soloists.

Throughout history, from the early consorts of the European Renaissance to the rent parties of the Harlem Renaissance, giving “house concerts” has been a way to introduce an audience to new chamber music compositions and for performers to play to an appreciative audience in an intimate space. The rent parties that flourished in New York, Chicago, Detroit and elsewhere in the early to mid-20th century were just that: a way to help pay the rent! Today’s house concerts—although in a more refined arrangement than the rent parties—are once again gaining in popularity and performing artists in the current generation have found this venue a creative approach to reaching new and appreciative audiences.

Garden Party

The Garden Party kicks-off CAM’s fundraising and membership drive, along with showcasing its new season of programming. This annual event is CAM’s way of saying thank you to its members for their continued support. Enjoy live music in an intimate setting and learn more about CAM and its mission. The reception is a great time for lively conversation with like-minded folks and the artists!

Educational Outreach

CAM’s Educational Outreach Program takes place in inner-city schools and exposes children to classical music, often for the first time. Events invite the children’s participation and individual and small group instrument instruction. All performances and classes are given by trained professional musicians.